2018: The Specialists, Vinyl Vagabonds, Vivace, JD and the Swensongs, Burnin’ Sensations

2017: Gimikk, Saucy Jack, Vinyl Vagabonds, Great Caesar’s Goat, Burnin’ Sensations

2016: Danny Grause, Burnin’ Sensations, Box Brothers, Salty Views Acoustic Review, King of the Tramps

2015: Burnin’ Sensations, Box Brothers, Abby Normal, Jason Brown, Standing Hampton

2014: Burnin’ Sensations, Box Brothers, Strange Brew, Matt Woods, Can of Worms, Salty View’s Acoustic Review, Saucy Jack, Abby Normal, Sidecar Rally

2013: Vivace, Can of WormsSaucy JackBurnin’ SensationsSalty View’s Acoustic ReviewObsidian’s DreamBox Brothers,  Grand JCT

2012: Redzband, Echo-18, Burnin’ Sensations, Box Brothers & Friends, Matt Woods & The Thunderbolts, Wheelhouse, Saucy Jack, Vivace

2011: Dave Zollo, Dazy Head Mazy, Burnin’ Sensations, Box Brothers & Friends, Vivace, Saucy Jack, Mr. Baber’s Neighbors, Bonnie Finken with Vinyl

2010: Burnin’ Sensations, Swing Crew, Dazy Head Mazy, Udeega, Vivace, Trouble No More, Dave Zollo and the Body Electric, Bonnie Finken and the Collective, Saucy Jack

2008: 3AM Band, RedzBand, Burnin’ Sensations, Brother Trucker, The Box Brothers, Swing Crew, Wheningroovia, Grayson, The Tyler Thompson Band

2007: Redzband, Murphy’s Law, Burnin’ Sensations, Vivace, Box Brothers, Nada’s, Saucy Jack, Kountertop, 3AM Band

2006: 3AM Band, RedzBand, Burnin’ Sensations, Gimmick, Grayson, Box Brothers, Standing Hamton, Saucy Jack, Obsidian’s Dream, Josh Davis and Towncrier

2005: Gimmick, Elysium, Saucy Jack, Dogs on Skis, Standing Hampton, Burnin’ Sensations, 3AM Band, Box Brothers